downloadBackpacking is defined as a low budget travel methodology by wikipedia that may or may not include camping. The idea behind backpacking is just packing up your travel stuff in a bag, carrying it on a shoulder and you are good to go. This travel expedition usually doesn’t requires booking the hotels or accommodation in advance. As being a low budget trip the traveler finds accommodation while on move and usually stays in low budget hotels, hostels or in shared accommodations. Backpacking can be done either individually or in a group. I remember when i was with my friend who works at Lawn care Jackson TN, we discussed on this topic and they said that it is really very important that you avoid making these blunders while planning to travel around the world.

However, these low budget trips aren’t easy as in order to cut the cost, sometimes a backpacker has to Cook food for itself or do the laundry etc. Each of us make mistakes and learn from it. However some of the first time backpackers have done blunders, while on their first trip. So that nobody repeats those mistakes, top ten of these are mentioned below.

Never ever cook your food  in your tent. It is a common sense thing but sometimes in the excitement of being on a trip and cooking on your own, backpackers have tried to enjoy the food in the warmth and coziness of their tents. The results were disastrous.

Never over pack your stuff. As a backpacker you will have to carry your bags on your shoulders almost all the time and walking long distances with heavier load can soon turn the fun of backpacking into a punishment. Just pack the required stuff and you will be happier than ever on your trip.

It’s a big No-No to wear tight shoes on your backpacking trip. Uncomfortable shoes can result in damage to the foot turning the trip into a real pain.

Always know your directions and ways. Though on backpacking, going blank in some remote area or a forest or mountain can even prove life threatening for the backpacker. It’s always better to know about the place you are visiting.

Check the weather and be well prepared for the changes. At some of the places the weather can change with a flick of an eye it is advisable to research well about the weather of an area and go extra prepared for the same.

Never ever place your tent in a surface that can turn into a pool in case of rain. Planning ahead of what may occur can help getting in awkward situations like this.

Supply yourself with ample amount of water. Keeping yourself hydrated in any situation is essential. But at the same time carrying not required amount of water can unnecessary add up to the weight. It’s important to create a proper balance of requirement and supply.

Never ever let your sleeping bag become wet. Even if it is waterproof, one need to be extra careful as sleeping in a wet sleeping bag is unhealthy and can invite diseases.

Never be an open food invitation for animals. If you are camping or travelling in a forest etc,

Try never to leave your food and other eatable stuff opened. It will let animals get attracted towards your food and you.

Lastly to keep our environment neat and clean it is advisable to never leave a any trace of your existence. In other words clean all the trash you have made so that the plastics or other waste should not harm the environment or be eaten by animals leading them to choke.

Backpacking is fun if done in a wiser way!