Austin, Texas


Austin is a great city which is composed of unique and diverse places and various attractions to cherish. Right from the live music that that you can enjoy nightly at loads of diverse types of venues across the city, to dining at places ranging from a simple food truck to a celebrity chef restaurant. You can also enjoy totally Austin spots for example like the Cathedral of Junk where entertainment flourishes for each and every individual personality and preference.

The city also hosts various museums, guided tours, exhibitions, and several outdoor activities abundant are available in the state’s capital for a complete family fun time. You also get a unique chance to learn about this amazing city from various sources such as Texas Bike Tours narrated by locals and the Austin Duck Adventures in which you have to splash right from the street right into the Lady Bird Lake. Sounds fun right!

You might have got to know Austin as a music town and therefore getting it the designation of “Live Music Capital of the World”. This musical city hosts two of the major music festivals, of which one is the South by Southwest and the famous Austin City Limits Festival which is a treat for all music lovers. Still these crowded events doesn’t imply that you have to tolerate the crowds and excessive hotel prices and logging fees to experience these amazing fest because if you are a passionate music lover, the city has live music all over town at various places every night of the week for you.

The slogan to Keep Austin Weird spreads far further than just an advertising campaign and you can feel that when you visit this fun loving city. The city is a widely known as the live music capital of the world and the residents of Austin echo a very friendly and accommodating philosophy of artistic and individual expression that preserves the city as a pulsating and heterogeneous creative center for all artists. The city is present almost in a traditional state, and we can say that Austin is Weird because it endures to be that blue spot on a big red map making it a unique junction. Keeping Austin Weird travels afar than being just a mere slogan and it reflects the dynamics that Austin is surrounded of.

Although Austin used to be a former college town which had a hippie soul has now seen an invasion of tech categories and there has been tremendous growth of this town since then. Nevertheless, there are still a sturdy contingent of inhabitants of this city who just want to concentrate on their novel or composing music or even enjoying their crazy yard art.